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We are in Little Venice of Mykonos that is located in Chora, the capital of the Island.

The film opens with views from the area where the beach of Agia Anna is and stands for a while at the church of Amarantos Rose. As we continue the tour around the small bay, we meet picturesque houses that are dressed in white, a pelican who shakes his wings as he comes out of the water (the pelicans are the mascots of the island), the colorful fishing boats, lazy passers by and the church of St. Nickolas.

Wandering continues at the road over the small port where people relax at the island’s coffee shops and restaurants.

Little Venice is the main topic of the filming as it seems like emerging from the sea and the views change between the windmills and the houses as we draw to an end of that day’s tour with a magical sunset behind the windmills, with people and little boats as they’re turning into black shadows.

The next day, the filmmaker gives us views from the port of Chora where three kids play with the sand, the empty cafes, the fishing boats that are tied to the pier and the film closes as we’re leaving the port of Mykonos by ship where the blue and white flag of Greece waves and we see the Chora in a distance as a background.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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