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(Note: in this particular film, some scenes may be considered offensive by the viewers, such as the carnivalesque Hitler giving nazi salutes and the costumes that depict people stereotypically. We believe that the film has value as a historical document of the time and under no circumstances do we adopt positions with racist or intolerant content)

In the film we watch a masquerades carnival party in a flat in Nea Smyrni, a city and municipality of Attica. The film opens with a group people who are dressed as masquerades posing for the camera. The lens briefly stops on a man who is dressed as Hitler and doing some reenactment while the people, who are around him, applaud him smilingly. We see people in various costumes and the lens shows one person representing a restaurant sign and another one dressed as an IBM computer of that era. A woman approaches and pretends to use the computer.

The footage from the party with the imaginative costumes continues. The filmmaker stands on yet another woman giving a gift to a man who is dressed -probably- as a marquis and he opens the gift and shows it to the camera smiling, as more gifts follow.

The film closes with couples dancing with some of the guests still in costumes.



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Bakelas Vyron




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Super 8mm

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Ag. Foteinis Street and Vas. Kostantinou Square (today's Karylou Square) in Nea Smyrni. This group, consisting mainly of people who were from Nea Smyrni with ancestry from Asia Minor and Greeks of Egypt from Palaio Faliro, undoubtedly knew how to enjoy their lives!!! With costumes they made themselves, using up all imagination and inspiration, the masquerades parties remained in... history!

- Margarita Bakela
Bakelas Vyron