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Havoutsas, Eleftherios

Lefteris Havoutsas (1941-2010)

Born in 1941, during the war, he lived in absolute poverty. His parents -George and Grammatiki- refugees from the coast of Asia Minor, raised six children, giving their best facing several difficulties.

Since his childhood, he was confronted with being responsible for his own living. The struggle for survival forced him to go to Germany at the age of twenty, where, due to his hard work, his intelligence and capacity, he succeeded in the field of small industry.

Soon he was not only economically strong, but also able to find the necessary resources to support his family in Greece. He enjoyed his youth in Germany, balancing between his everyday life at work, his amorous pursuits and his love for racing cars.

A few years later, he returned to Greece, where his dream came true: he made a family with the girl of his heart, Vassiliki, who gave him two sons and stayed besides him until his death.

Back in his homeland, he also gave his heart to the other big love of his, the sea. It was through sailing that he loved and honored the sea and was able to travel with passion. With his first camera, he recorded the beautiful sea memories of his travel experiences that were meant to be his legacy.

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